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Encarta reinvents how to look at the wine universe. Illustration and cartography unite to represent and recount the landscapes and people of the principal wine-making countries and regions.

Inaugurating the collection, Spain and Portugal, the World's Largest Vineyard, offers a panorama of winemaking on the Iberian Peninsula and its islands. This version includes a Great Digital Map (31 MB) with the Denominations of Origin, the best wineries, and complete and precise information to gain greater understanding and enjoyment in the discovery or rediscovery of the world's largest vineyard.

First English Edition: 2019

Composition and Texts: Enzo Milo

Illustrations: Óscar Giménez

Translation: Richard C. D’Augusta

Selection of Wineries: Enzo Milo, Juana Reche y Mannel Serrano

Consultancy: Maribel Gilsanz, Sergio Martín, Juan José Misis, María José Muñoz, Amadeo Olmos, Paulina Rascón, Juana Reche, Pedro Ruiz y Daniel Sanchís, Mannel Serrano y José María Zarandieta

Edition: Miguel López

ISBN: 978-84-17751-04-3

The present edition of this work was completed on July 16th, 2019, Festivity of Carmen

© 2018, Enzo Milo for the Concept, Composition and Texts.

© 2018, Óscar Giménez for the Cover and Interior Illustrations.

© For this Edition: Díaita Group, S.L., 2019, Eulogio Martín Higuera, 10, 40001 Segovia

All rights reserved. The content of this work is protected by law, and no part of this or any literary, artistic or scientific publication may be reproduced, plagiarized, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, or any other type of medium without the prior written permission of the publisher. Any act in violation of the law may result in criminal prosecution, even prison terms and/or fines, in addition to civil claims for damages.